Centurylink Internet Deals versus Grande Internet: Which Is Better?

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CenturyLink is one of the top providers in the country. Whereas Grande Communications also ranks among the top ISPs that are currently functioning in the U.S. Both Grande and CenturyLink are known for providing fast and reliable internet service for as long as they have been in the telecommunications sector. While both these providers are different in numerous aspects, interestingly, both these service providers share multiple similarities that cannot be ignored either. Read on to find out more about the two ISPs that are currently ruling the charts in the United States:

CenturyLink & Grande Communications – About The Provider

CenturyLink is a leading internet service provider and ranks among the top five ISPs in the DSL Network Coverage of the U.S. industry. In addition to this, CenturyLink also ranks among the top five Fiber internet providers in the country. Hence, this provider can be easily accessed by the majority of Americans as their services are widely available and quite accessible albeit in a few areas, where the infrastructure is not upgraded. For instance, if a person living in a rural area is interested in investing in one of the CenturyLink Internet deals, all they need to check is, if the service provider is available in that particular location.

Whereas, in comparison to this, Grande Communications are a Texan-based internet service provider, that offers top-of-the-range internet, cable TV with home phone service to American consumers. However, Grande Communications is only available to the state of Texas. So if you are located in the Texan state, you might be able to access this ISP for your various residential or commercial use.

CenturyLink & Grande Communications – Self-Installation or Professional Installation?

CenturyLink users can either self-install their modem or request a professional to do the task. However, in the case of self-installation, fees are waived off and this includes shipping, along with activation fees. On the other hand, for CenturyLink consumers, who are interested in professional installation of their internet device, a one-time fee of $125 is required.

When it comes to Grande Communications, both options are available. However, if you opt for a professional installation, you don’t have to worry about any kind of extra fee, as your modem and router will be installed for free by the certified tech. However, in the case of self-installation, users are provided with detailed instructions that will guide them through the process.

CenturyLink & Grande Communications – Service Contracts And Equipment Fees

CenturyLink users have the choice of opting for contract-free internet options, that can be exercised for a minimal fee. Whereas consumers can also opt for an annual contract, which clearly states that users will have to pay a certain fee if they cancel the service before the prescribed period. CenturyLink customers can choose to opt for modem and related internet equipment, request the provider to rent them one, or purchase a new one. If they opt to rent a modem, then CenturyLink users will have to pay a monthly fee of $15 for the modem. Whereas, if they purchase the modem, they will have to pay a stand-alone fee of $150.

On the other hand, Grande Communications offers a no-contract service, which you can easily switch to another ISP without being charged a dime, in case this one doesn’t live up to your standards. As far as equipment is concerned, Grande customers have the freedom to use their previous internet equipment or they can rent a modem.

CenturyLink & Grande Communications – Monthly Bundles & Deals

Monthly internet deals and bundles vary for both CenturyLink and Grande Communications. With CenturyLink, customers can choose from a range of speeds and then select if they want to bundle it with TV and home phone or TV alone. Irrespective of what the customers choose, if they feel confused about any of the plans that are being displayed on the website, they can simply call up customer service to iron out any confusion or discrepancies in the stated info. On the other hand, Grande Communications also follows the same pattern, where users can see exactly the number of available options. Select an internet speed and bundle it the way you want!

The Bottom Line… Who’s The Winner?

While Grande Communications is only available in the state of Texas, CenturyLink is available to users in 36+ U.S. states that allow this provider to have greater reach and far more coverage. Although the availability of both service providers does not guarantee the success of their service or determine which is better among the two, it gives a practical look into the situation.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the requirement of the customer and their digital requirement. However, if you are still dissatisfied with your current internet service, why not check out the myriad of internet options, that are available on buytvinternetphone and select an ISP that ticks all the right boxes.

*Please note that all internet speeds and prices mentioned are subject to change.