Physical and Remote Elements of a Rental Virtual Workspace

As Offices Reopen, Hybrid Onsite and Remote Work Becomes Routine
Virtual office spaces have become an increasingly popular choice among several start-up companies, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and so on. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic across the globe, the concept of virtual workspace rental is on the rise. The affordability and several other benefits have made the concept widely accepted. When one is considering virtual workspace rental Schaumburg offers a host of options.

What is a virtual workspace?

Before getting into the details of how a virtual workspace functions, it is important to understand what it is all about. It is a workplace that enables individuals and businesses to work from anywhere using their computers, smart devices, and the internet. The employees coordinate with their respective team members without going to the office.
Video-conferencing, teleconferencing, team applications, etc., are some of the methods of interacting. One of the benefits of a rental virtual office is that it offers the perks of a physical workspace like a registered professional address, a receptionist, meeting rooms, etc., that can be utilized whenever required.

Physical aspects of a virtual workspace

A professional business address

One can have a professional address at a physical office building. It can be used for marketing, mailing, LLC setup, licensing, and others.

A recognized place for receiving and picking up mail

In a rental virtual workspace, the mail is received and signed by an online receptionist. One can either collect the mail or forward it to an alternative address, which is usually the home address.

Onsite receptionist

There is a receptionist who takes care of mail processing. When meetings are arranged at a virtual office, the receptionist is responsible to greet guests and also setting up meeting rooms.

Mail forwarding and processing

The physical office building aids in daily, weekly, or monthly, as required, forwarding of mail by paying an additional fee.

Meeting rooms and private offices

The virtual workspace rental Schaumburg users have the advantage of flexible access to physical offices, including private offices and meeting rooms. The access is charged based on the hours used.

Printing facilities

Similar to any standard office, a virtual workspace gives access to multiple onsite facilities like copying and printing machines by paying only a nominal fee.

Key remote elements of a virtual workspace

Remote receptionist

A remote receptionist offers real-time remote call answering, messaging, and every basic functioning related to customer services. The calls are answered in the name of the company, screened, and forwarded to the voicemail.

A business number

Companies can opt to ser a business number with toll-free and local area codes. This offers a more professional outlook.

A cloud-based phone system

Setting up a cloud-based phone system with features like custom greetings, auto-attendant, extensions, caller menus, and so on can be beneficial for the company.
The virtual aspects are flexible and can be added or eliminated based on the needs of the company.


Renting a virtual office allows the infrastructure to be shared across businesses and individuals. This allows resources to be allocated cost-efficiently. It can …

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